Forgive Me (Blue) (limited ed.5)


«Forgive Me (blue)» is an Abstract Artwork in contemporary direction by Siri Skogstad, Norway, In the work, Skogstad uses the line, one of the basic elements in art, conceptually conveying a situation, condition or state of emotional disruption or chaos. 


The work is build through random, jagged, energetic linework, irregular and broken. Fractures or splinters seem to be floating around. Created impulsively without clear patterns, the elements convey a vision of something disordered, a disturbance or emotional disorganisation. The Color palette is held in toned blue towards shades and a dark background, with small light elements in pink colours. The light creating a sense of hope or consolation to the overall mood image.


«Forgive Me» belongs to a series of 5 works with variations over the same motive, created with different colour shades, one with different linework (yellow), besides light blue, there are variations with blue, pink, light yellow and light orange. The work is made using digital technique. 


  • Limited Edition of 5 works on each motive, printed on high quality Art Paper. Signed and numbered by the artist. 
  • Format Suggestions: 53x40cm 67x50cm 80x60cm 107x80cm or 120x90cm. 
  • Contact us if you would like white surrounding edge around the motive (app 2cm), or an adjusted size option. 
  • Technique: Digital
  • Production year: 2019
  • Edition: 5 
  • Free shipping and Return within 30 days. Ships in a tube. 
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Oslo, Norway



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