Venus Tagged, Venus Tagged 2, Venus Tagged 3, Light Revelation)


Digital Artworks featuring Venus, the goddess of Love in Roman Mythology, an important Muse in Art. Four versions shown here. Three "tagged" approaches, with added handwritten text VENUS in capital letters and yellow tones. Light Blue hair/aura and coloured yellow and coral field over eye. One version "Light Revelation" with exposed light and no added text. 


Printed on high quality art paper in limited edition of 5 works. Choose between sizes 115x102cm, 90x80cm, 67x60cm, 56x50cm, 45x40cm. Contact us if you would like a white surrounding edge (app 2cm). 


  • Technique: Digital
  • Production year: 2019
  • Format Suggestion: 115x102cm, 90x80cm, 67x60cm, 56x50cm, 45x40cm or contact us for other size option. 
  • Edition: 5 
  • Free shipping and Return within 30 days
  • Taxes and import policies may apply upon arrival, depending on your countrys import policies on limited edition artworks.
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Oslo, Norway



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