Upgrade your interior with a Contemporary Abstract Motive. Colour, shape and movement come together in a blurred vision made with a palette in coral and black tones."Particularity" by Siri Skogstad Berntsen is made with Digital Art technique, printed as Giclee on high quality art paper. Limited edition of 5 works. Choose between size options, or contact us for adjusted size, we're here to help. Choose between full image and white surrounding line 2cm. Different prizes attached to different options. The artwork is also in use for design on some of our products, check out tee, sweaters and tote bags to view it.


  • Format Suggestions: 23x20cm, 35x30cm, 46x40cm, 58x50cm 70x60cm or 82x70cm
  • Format suggestion with line 25x22cm, 37x32cm, 48x42cm, 60x52cm, 72x62cm or 84x72cm
  • Technique: Digital art printed as giclee
  • Production year: 2018 
  • Free shipping and Return 
  • Taxes and import policies may apply upon arrival, depending on your countrys import policies on limited edition artworks.



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Oslo, Norway



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