The Depth of You


Bring in colors and contemporary dynamic to your interior. Mosaic depiction of a woman, her head and upper body. Choose between formats 29x21cm, 41x30 cm, 55x40cm. Signed by the artist. The work comes in seven color variations, displayed here red, green, blue and bluishgreen, you can also find orange, pink and purple at the site. Digital artwork printed in limited edition of 5 artworks, for each variation, printed on high quality art paper or other suitable surface. Contact us to discuss options and possibilities. Signed by the artist: Siri Skogstad Berntsen, Norway. 


  • Image formats: Choose between 29x21cm, 41x30 cm, 55x50cm
  • Technique: Digital Art printed on high quality art paper or other suitable surface
  • Limited edition of 5 prints.
  • We ship to your doorstep, or a pick up point nearby
  • Shipping and handling included in the price.
  • Free Return.
  • Taxes and import duties may apply. Check your governments import policies on limited edition artworks if you feel unsure.


We are happy to send high resolution images of the work to your email. You can schedule a studio appointment with the artist, if you are in Oslo, Norway. Contact us at, or use the contact button, found at the footer on each page.


You are welcome to bid on this artwork, you can find the button "Make a Bid", just beneath the image gallery, or contact us using our email address.

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Oslo, Norway



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